Draper     www.draperinc.com
One of the largest manufacturers of projection screens, window shades and projector lifts and mounts in the United States.

​AcousticSmart​     www.acousticsmart.com

AcousticSmart is a family owned company that is a division of GC Building Products. Our parent company has been serving the New York/New Jersey area for over 50 years. Our focus and specialty at AcousticSmart is the design & fabrication of Acoustically Treated Custom Home Theatre Interiors. We are also the proud manufacturers of the Finest Quality Home Theatre Seating in the business.

Just Add Power​     www.justaddpower.com
HDMI over IP from Just Add Power is an ethernet based video distribution system that lets you build any size of HDMI video matrix. Send 4K / UHD and 1080p signals throughout your project. Built in Up and Down scaling, instant switching, HD audio formats, decentralized and easily expandable.

KEF​     www.us.kef.com
Established in 1961, KEF is a renowned British manufacturer of audio products that are designed to deliver outstanding sound and vision experience. With innovative technologies and contemporary designs, KEF offers high-quality acoustic enjoyment and enhances personal lifestyle to different customers.

Surgex​     www.amatekesp.com/surgex

SurgeX products are engineered to properly protect mission critical equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt performance, reliability, and uptime. They provide the most reliable power protection and energy intelligence solutions available to safeguard equipment from damaging power transients.


PRO     www.proaudiotechnology.com
There is a difference in Surround Sound Systems and “TRUE HOME CINEMAS” and Pro Audio Technology is it! Professional Home Cinema, LLC was founded in September 2004 upon a simple principle: to combine the preeminent engineering technology from consumer and professional audio fields to produce the most accurate, robust and aurally-exciting audio products for installed residential systems available. Pro Audio Technology products unite lively dynamics, high maximum output level, and rugged durability with the refined acoustic performance you’ve come to expect from contemporary home audio equipment. The result is a range of loudspeakers and programmable power amplifiers that, when combined, will offer years of incomparable sonic thrills.


Parasound     www.parasound.com

Parasound's mission is to put great sound into stunning packages, priced magnitudes lower than any competitor. The results have been clear: Parasound products have won best-in-class awards in the most popular audiophile publications year after year. Our design and manufacturing partners have stayed to work with us for decades. We receive unsolicited appreciation emails from customers nearly every day. Every shipped product and answered phone call represents our commitment to outstanding performance, reliability, value, and customer support.

Legrand     www.legrandav.com
Qmotion: Manufacturer of Low Voltage and Battery operated shading products than can be operated via RF/Zigbee or third party control systems. 
Luxul is the leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. Designed for use in both residential and commercial environments, the Luxul family offers a complete line of solutions that simplify network design and deployment All Luxul products include free lifetime support and a three-year limited warranty.

Vantage is a leader in luxury control systems, providing home owners with automated lighting systems that give them the ability to control and personalize their environment precisely and effortlessly.

James Loudspeaker     www.jamesloudspeaker.com
Incredible Custom Speakers for Custom Integrators – made in USA!James is an industry leader in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions for indoor, outdoor, and marine applications.Designing and manufacturing since 1999, we take great pride in our innovative solutions, unprecedented customization capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction and superior fit and finish. James Loudspeaker products are engineered with great care to minimize their visual presence in your interior or landscape décor.

Dynamic Mounting​      www.dynamicmounting.com

Dynamic Mounting is located in Mooresville, NC and was founded in 2010 as a small family-owned business dedicated to providing quality products to the marketplace. We sell our products both online to the consumer market as well as through resellers for the commercial industry.All products are proudly made in the USA and have been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for safety and durability.

Wolf​     www.wolfcinema.com
The New Standard of Excellence in Projectors. Wolf Cinema is committed to providing the highest quality reference projectors for the discerning enthusiast. We specialize in studio quality displays that can reproduce the image as the cinematographer intended you to see it. Our solutions are not only reference imagers, but designed to meet the demands of custom installation, systems integration, control, flexibility and longevity.

LumaStream     www.lumastream.com
Designing and manufacturing the best solutions in LED Low Voltage Lighting for Today and Tomorrow. 
LumaStream is an LED lighting company that has created a better way to manage low voltage power distribution, providing the most sustainable and intelligent LED lighting solutions on the market today. LumaStream engineers developed an innovative digital power conversion and low voltage distribution technology that is revolutionizing the lighting industry. Our patented system provides the missing piece for truly energy efficient and controllable LED lighting for commercial, residential, hospitality, restaurant, military, banking, and retail lighting applications.

Martin Logan​     www.martinlogan.com

Combining inspiration and innovative manufacturing techniques, MartinLogan created the original Curvilinear Line Source (CLS™) electrostatic panels. Overcoming a classic limitation of previous electrostatic designs, this breakthrough enabled MartinLogan to uniquely deliver optimal horizontal sound dispersion. The specific curvature allows for ideal dispersion in a home listening environment, taking the room out of the sonic equation.The unique dispersion of CLS is a major contributor to MartinLogan’s realistic sound, most often described as “sitting in a room with the musician.” Since stators sandwich the thin ultra-light diaphragm, they must be perforated to allow sound to pass through, insulated for safety, and rigid enough to remain stationary as the strong electrostatic forces push and pull them.

Metra     www.metrahometheater.com
​The leading manufacturer of professional grade home audio, home video and home security surveillance solutions by tops brands like Ethereal, Helios and Spyclops.Metra Home Theater Group has a long history of being first to market with HDMI® solutions that deliver higher resolutions and bandwidths at record-setting lengths. Metra’s cables use quality materials and their Ethereal product line is proudly known to have a history with NO defective products. Metra’s HDMI® cables not only provide full 4K performance, but will exceed your expectations in both quality and long-term reliability.

Sound United     www.soundunited.com

Built upon legacies that span decades, Sound United is home to a vast portfolio of brands that define the home entertainment experience. A global force in more than 100 countries and counting, we’re a diverse team of dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs and musicians — all working in unison to deliver products that represent the pinnacle of audio excellence.

Audio Control​     www.audiocontrol.com

Making Good Sound Great! The way we see it (and hear it) we aren’t just making superb home audio equipment—we’re making our customers’ lives better. Sure, the pieces we build deliver stunning, amazing audio—sound beautiful enough to make your living room pulse like a concert hall and your home theater rumble like a Hollywood studio. But it’s that loftier goal—the goal of improving lives and making people happy—that drives us and fires our passion. 

SEURA​     www.seura.com

In 2003, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson had an idea: products that bridge the gap between technology and decor.  The earliest versions of Séura products were assembled in Tim and Gretchen’s garage workshop. Their first product line was Séura’s Enhanced Series Vanishing TV Mirrors.  As interest in their ideas accelerated, so did their production. They soon added the Premier Series, Deco Series, Lumination Collection, Hydra Waterproof Television, and Storm Outdoor Television to the Séura product line.

Bluebird     www.bluebirdmusic.com
Representing the world’s finest audio brands –Bluebird is an importer and distributor of high quality two channel audio products. Our products are available through our network of highly skilled Authorized Dealers throughout USA and Canada. All sales and service is provided through our dealers and we do not sell directly to the public.

Meridian     www.meridian-audio.com     
Crafting audio products that perform like no other Since 1977, Meridian Audio has been crafting innovative, elegant, high performance audio solutions. From its compact DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification, to its user-friendly music management platform Sooloos, Meridian delivers easy to install, high resolution audio systems for home cinemas and whole home solutions.